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Welcome to my Wizard101 Blog. I am Cody Soulmender. I am a proud Mercenary for Hire. I also have crazy things happen to me around the spiral, so I thought I would just make a blog about it! This is my first blog, so please bare with me. There will be more to come. :)
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm back guys!

Hello Wizards! I am officially back to Wizard101. Thanks to my wonderful parents, they were able to get me a $5 starter membership tonight before the 50% sale ended. I am so glad to be back and plan on working on my Fire wizard and getting him up to where all of my other wizards are for the new world.. Zafaria! Post will be up for that sometime soon, too tired to do it tonight, LOL! Will also edit my Wizards page with my Fire wiz soon..
Just wanted to let you all know I'm back! hehe.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Problems in the Spiral ~~ Gardening Treasure Bug Fixed?

Hey wizards!  It's been a while since I've blogged.  How is everyone?  Anyway, wizards are very angry about what KI has done in this morning's update.  The only way to get a mega snack/mastery amulet now is to finish the full WaterWorks instance or Tower of the Helephant.  Luska Charmbeak no longer drops either of these.  In the update notes, it said that they would fix the Luska respawn glitch, however they did the opposite.  Instead of fixing the glitch, they kept the glitch in game but removed mega snacks from Luska!  What kind of thing is that?? KI made a bad move.  Also, wizards are thinking that they lowered the mega snack drop rate from plants.  Just a theory.
Another thing that occurred this evening which ticked some wizards was that KI did a "quick server restart" without ANY warning whatsoever.  Apparently, the downtime had to do with housing.  Wizards thought that the downtime was to add new houses, but most thought this sounded obscure.  Someone on Wizard101 Central posted that when they logged back on, they checked their treasure cards and they had seen feints.  Before they went down, there has been a bug with gardening treasure cards received from plants, mostly feints.  Evil Magma Peas would drop tons of feints but they would be invisible!  However, it looks like this was fixed.  Woohoo!

KingsIsle : Y U NO reward your most avid players? (Katherine Light; Luska Mega Issue)
Emergency Feint Fix (Birdie; Gardening Treasure Bug)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dampen Magic Update/Luska Glitch NOT Ban-able!

Well.. It is official.  Lifebane just swooped Dampen Magic out of 1st place.  During last nights maintenance,  instead of removing the duplicates, they made it so all Dampen Magics were No PvP/No Trade/No Auction, making this card totally worthless (well, not really, but if you have one you can't do anything with it except use it in a normal PvE battle).  What do you think about this update?  Do you think it is fair to the people who would maybe once want to sell their actual Dampen Magic for Forum Gold or something else on Wizard101 Central?  I don't think so.  I think it would have been easier to refund gold and remove the cards if possible.  This isn't fair to the people who had their Dampen Magic card(s) before the hacker made duplicates of it.  There is a discussion going on Wizard101 Central, you can follow up on it or state your thoughts.
You can also comment below with your opinion.

Professor Greyrose has made an announcement (click to see) on one of the Luska Charmbeak threads about the glitch stating that no one has or WILL get banned for have doing this glitch.  They will most likely be patching it soon, but she had made it clear that no one has or will get in trouble for doing this shortcut to skipping the first 2 mob battles of Luska for fast farming.  If you are interested before they patch the glitch, here is how to do it;
1.  Find a group!  It's way fast to have a Storm or Fire be the hammer for killing Luska each time, another random school, and a Life for healing.
2.  Make a group chat with all 4 people.  Then, decide and pick one person who will go back to Commons, run back to the sigils, and switch realms.
3.  Do the first two battles, and the clams.  Then defeat Luska.
4.  Do NOT pull the lever.  Have the person chosen go back to the commons, run back to the sigils, switch realms, and then tell everyone to port to him in the Group Chat.
5.  Now, every time, you will just have to do the clams, Luska, repeat.  Clams, Luska, repeat.  You can't go to the same realm you have been at already.  However, after 30 minutes pass, I think you can start going back to the other realms you've been at, if you feel like going even longer.  If it doesn't work, then you can all quit, but you'd have to do the mob battles again (I think.  The most runs I've ever done is 16 Luska runs, and I never had to do this.  There were enough realms available.)
It is easy to do this late at night because no one is jumping on with you.  :)  Have fun while it lasts!!